Blog 4 (Julius Nyerere second blog)

For my fourth blog, I utilized to find a primary source image of Julius Nyerere. The image I found  is included below. This image depicts a procession, led by the LWF (Lutheran World Federation) president Mikko Juva, and Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere. This procession marched into Nkrumah Hall at the University of Tanzania campus

Blog 3 (Julius Nyerere first blog)

For my third blog, I explored the ideologies of Julius Nyerere, the leader of TANU (Tanganyika African National Union ) and President of Tanganyika, or present-day Tanzania. I located a variety of peer-reviewed, professionally published secondary sources from the database JSTOR to learn about these ideas. What I found especially interesting was Nyerere’s personal definition

Blog 2 (Ndate Yalla Mbodj second blog)

For my second blog, I explored secondary sources and focused on how trade affected the Waalo kingdom, the relations between the Waalo kingdom and a neighbouring community, and the relations between Waalo and French colonial leaders, specifically Ndate and Governor Faidherbe. Ndate Yalla Mbodj ruled the Waalo kingdom during the mid-nineteenth century. French colonial powers

Blog 1 (Ndate Yalla Mbodj first blog)

During the nineteenth century, Ndate Yalla Mbodj was a freedom fighter in the French colony of Senegal. To write this blog, I first looked at secondary sources to gain knowledge about Ndate’s location, efforts, and life in general. Once I learned this foundational information, I looked further for a primary source. I was able to